video editing courses in Doha Qatar

Video editing course

A lot of multimedia freelancer’s are search the video editing courses in Qatar which is really extremely useful to develop the media been taken by them and create a final professional product for them own or them business or work.

Herewith, we will focus on some important points that could guide you and make you understand more about video editing learning.

Where to learn

There are many institutes in Qatar who offer such courses on 3 levels ( basic – intermediary – advanced ) , usually each level could take 6 – 12 weeks depends on institute policy and approach.

usually these courses have a fixed timing and dates when it starts and when it’s finished, because the institutes have to collect X numbers of students in order to launch the course.

A diploma will be issued on end of each course for all participants.

What you will learn Usually these courses starts with editing theories beside the history of linear and non linear editing, then introduction to the digital video editing and slowly to reach the draft cut and media export on first phase, throwing a basic color grading and some basic effects.

After finishing the first level, you will understand that you need the next level because first level wasn’t enough to make you able to create what’s in your mind and what’s you looking for! , so in next level you will learn maybe the masking and key framing beside some advanced color grading techniques and applying some more advanced effects.

On Third level, maybe you will be able to understand the sound editing and tagging beside multi camera editing and some others.


ntensive video editing course

Mudilescovich offering an intensive video editing course which contain all requirements that you may need to create a professional find product as you desire into 8-10 workshops depends on you capability and collaboration.

These workshops are given privately one to one from master editor who is just for you not shared with other students.

you will understand very well how to use the most known editing platform ( Adobe premiere pro ) & ( Adobe Audition ) too to edit your video sound too.

These 8-10 workshop contents are follow :

  • Introduction to linear & non-linear Editing
  • Introduction to Premiere Pro
  • Projects creation & sequence setup
  • Importing and organizing media
  • Tools & Workplace
  • Standard effects control
  • Use transitions
  • Key framing
  • Masking
  • Using Markers
  • Adjusting Layers and Nesting
  • Color Grading
  • Basic image effects
  • Work with Titles
  • Sound Soft editing
  • Dynamic link
  • Sound Editing in Adobe Audition
  • Multi Camera Editing
  • Metadata And tagging
  • Add captions
  • Creative cloud
  • Rendering and Export settings
  • Cut types
  • Contradiction cut
Your Action

Click on Workshops and see the details and feel free to contact me , and let me share with you 15 years experience on video editing

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