Filmmaker in Doha Qatar

Filmmaker in Doha Qatar

A Filmmaker is that person who have the ability & capability to transform the written story to a visual story, so we can say that Filmmaker is a visual storyteller. is an independent filmmaker located in Doha in Qatar, practicing filmmaking for all types of films with different duration’s (short & long)

My filmmaking services in Qatar contain a package of services, all together delivering the final product which is “FILM” weather it’s a film or any other video type.

These services usually executed all together once we are engaged for the full the media production as a media producer, or separately once I participate with one of these services into a media production project.

Services & Process as a Filmmaker in Doha


Once we agree about the idea & story, we brainstorm ourselves & write the script for screen, which will be as a bible we follow on all the production & post-production stages

Prescript is the case for the Documentary Films.


Following the script and filmmaker vision, we prepare the suitable storyboard for whole production, following the budget agreed and possibilities.

A story board will give a clear idea about final product how it will look like as a visual story


In this stage, we do our locations scouting and find the suitable location for shooting the film, creating the floor plan and script breakdown in the same while


In Casting process, we pitch the suitable characters / actors who will participate following the production needs & budget too

Filming / production stage

During this stage, all the video taking will be executed as been planned before

Post-production / Editing

This stage is the last stage, where all footage will be taken and added into a sequence to create the final product

Film editing is subject to many processes such as: The draft cut, color grading, sound editing, sound design, visual effects and many others

These services / phases are usually applied on whole types of video production weather it’s Film, video commercial or any other type of video.

I can offer the whole process or part of it if it been required.

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